Poročila pri angleščini 

Bor Ravnik


Report on Figaro bike park


The aim of the report is to provide information on the developing bike park in Žirovnica. The new mountain biking crew Summa Veldes is currently working on biggest project for the mountain bike in Žirovnica.


Figaro bike park is at least twenty years old. It was firstly built by a famous mountain biker Priomž Figaro Ravnik. The bike park was firstly ridden by the locals but it soon grew attention by other riders as well. Soon the bike park was so full it was imposible for the maintainers to maintain it.

Summa Veldes

The founder of the club is Luka Borse. He was behind the original idea at rebuilding the bike park with enormous jumps and other features for riders to enjoy. For now the crew remains small and unknown but Luka is aiming for fame and glory.

Description of the bike park

The old part of the bike park remains the same as it still belongs to Primož Figaro’s club KK Završnica. What is new is a jump line that includes corners and huge jumps and one single jump that is the biggest jump in the park.


The park is still under construction and is nowhere near done, but it is soon to be the next well known mountain bike park in Slovenia.


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Slika prikazuje Primoža Figaro Ravnika, po katerem je poimenovan Figaro Bike Park na Breznici v občini Žirovnica.

Ema Kavčič

A report on class bonding during our field trip to Gorenje


The aim of this report is to describe and present the activities of our field trip to Gorenje and the way it changed our relationships in class. The trip was organized for students of the second year in Gimnazija Jesenice. We were accompanied by four teachers: a class teacher of each class and a music teacher. The field trip lasted four days in the first week of September. We went to Zreče where we stayed in a hostel Gorenje.


The purpose

The purpose of the field trip was primarily to get to know each other better and to see if we can function together as a team. That was especially beneficial because our first year of secondary school was interrupted by a lockdown caused by a pandemic. For this reason, we were educated online at home. A field trip provided us with the opportunity to re-establish our relationships.

Our daily routine

Our days started with a brisk morning walk followed by breakfast. After that we attended different lectures, or we played games or sports such as volleyball, badminton, basketball and other. After lunch we had some free time and we usually played board games in our rooms. In the evenings we lit a campfire and sang songs. We had to go to sleep at eleven o’clock the latest.


Above all we formed friendships when playing social games. Those games were really fun as we laughed and enjoyed them very much. We realized that we could really hold together and that the experience and activities of the field trip united us.


In conclusion, I think that the field trip was very successful and it met all my expectations. We spent some really quality time together. What is more, it was a perfect opportunity to strengthen our relationships including our class teacher and to form deeper connections with each other. All in all, although the field trip is primarily learning outside a classroom, I will never forget all those relaxing, fun and entertaining moments with my classmates.



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Na sliki je dom CŠOD, kjer smo bivali štiri dni. Za domom je športno igrišče, tam smo igrali košarko in še veliko več zabavnih aktivnosti, s katerimi smo se povezali.


Luka Zonik

A report on a geographical excursion to Celje


The aim of this report is to describe the geographical excursion to Celje as well as to present my personal opinion of it. It was organised at Gimnazija Jesenice for the students of the second year. It is intended for our school website  and includes information on  individual destinations  we visited  in autumn 2021.

Šempeter  burial site

In Šempeter we were welcomed by a lovely guide who took us on a tour of the Roman Necropolis. I personally was impressed by the tombs and decorations showing Roman burial rituals.

Pekel cave

Our next destination was Pekel cave. It truly is a beautiful Karst cave with amazing Karst phenomena, such us stalagmites and stalactites. We also experienced how dark the cave actually was when the tour guide turned of the lights  for a short time. It is also one of the narrowest caves in Slovenia available to tourists.

Celje and its castle

Our final destination was Celje with its castle. As we arrived we went sightseeing and learned many interesting facts about its history. Afterwards we were driven to Celje castle. It is a medieval castle located on top of the hill above Celje. It is a truly magnificant  castle to visit. It is filled with history and different stories explained by our tour guide. I was also impressed by the fact how well preserved the castle is.

In conclusion, I enjoyed  the excursion to Štajerska region as I could benefit from new knowledge about  the past in this region. I would like to compliment our teachers and organisers on it.

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Na sliki je Celjski grad z okolico Celja v ozadju. Ta gradec smo si ogledali tudi od znotraj.