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Bor Ravnik


Reading books is definitely worth the effort


Reading was a way of punishment for me when I was a child.  I, to put it mildly, hated reading. Not just because I was lazy but also because I was forced to read books outside my interest, making my experience of books even worse. I as well as my peers preferred watching TV as it was simply easier and demanded no effort at all. However, recently my opinion regarding reading has changed drastically.

From my point of view, reading books is much better than watching movies or shows. As already mentioned I was really struggling when reading books as a child. However, not so long ago a story caught my attention. I borrowed the book and started reading.  I was rather slow at the beginning but eventually my reading skills improved   and reading since then has not been a boring chore for me more anymore.

After reading I always feel relaxed and pleased with myself.  Books have affected my life in ways   I could never have imagined. I started being more attentive in class, I stopped being unruly and worrying, my imagination has become more vivid.  What is more, I have fewer problems with excessive phone use and most importantly my general thinking skills have improved.  For this reason I am better at solving or at least trying to solve my own problems.  I am also better prepared and organized for different tasks at school or chores at home.  

When it comes to a dilemma of reading a book or watching a film based on it I would always choose reading a book. Reading books can give us many more details, develop our imagination and even benefit our brain skills.

It amazes me how much more reading has given me than just the story which is described in the book. I still cannot completely understand all the changes. So if there is still anyone that disagrees with the title I encourage you to try out my technique. Find a book that sounds interesting to you and even if it is hard at first, manage the struggle and you will soon realize that books are definitely worth the effort!


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Ema Kavčič

Marks do not define me, but they do matter

School is a huge part of my life; I could say it is my priority. I am also prepared to work hard to achieve good marks. In order to be successful at school, you must dedicate a lot of time to studying; you have to have patience, persistence as well as motivation. In my opinion, what is also essential  is self-discipline.

I personally put a lot of effort in my school work. Therefore, I expect progress and I would like to have good marks. I have lately received some bad marks and it really stressed me out. I was under emotional stress, not feeling calm and satisfied. After I had considered it thoroughly I realised marks do not define me, because they are just numbers. With this awareness I found peace and confidence in myself again. I realised that the most important thing is that I understand the subject matter well. Therefore, I decided to continue studying hard, which undoubtedly brings success in the long run.

To sum up, marks really affect my mood and my whole life. I faced the first shock as I started attending grammar school. In primary school I was used to getting only the highest marks all the time, but I had to lower my standards. In grammar school I dropped the limit for at least one or two marks which is normal for many students. I will definitely try to keep the standards as high as possible. It is true that marks do not define me, but I cannot deny their impact on my life.



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Luka Zonik

Can regular studying improve your marks?

Have you ever wondered how regular learning affects your marks and your performance in school? I personally believe if a student learns regularly, their marks improve significantly.

Firstly, there are many benefits to regular learning which we might not notice straight away. It is much more practical than learning in bursts and it also helps you remember more information about a certain topic. The hard work will not be seen immediately but in the long run.  Regular studying is only possible if students pay attention in class, are willing to participate and are sufficiently motivated. Based on my experience I should have been much more involved in learning regularly, which might have prevented some bad marks I obtained from falling behind in certain classes.

 What is more, regular studying  results in  better organisation of your free time . If you know how to organise yourself well, you can get more free time in the afternoon. All it takes is 1 hour per day of revising the notes you take from each class for the following day. I, myself have not been doing that even though I promised myself I would.  It did not end well as I had to swot for a retake exam  in German  in early summer  a year ago.

To sum up, regular learning is much more important than we can imagine. It leads you to better marks ,  more free time for your hobbies  and an overall better performance at school. It might not be the most interesting way of learning but it is the least time consuming technique by far. So maybe give it a try.



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